Founder and Creative Director, Sheryl McLean leads and oversees all design decisions delivering original, cultivated and bold interiors that create an authentic expression and experience of our clients core values and lifestyle.

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Each design element conveys a work of art that tells the story of our client’s unique taste, lifestyle and achievements.  We approach every project with a discerning eye that is unwavering to the smallest detail.   We bring out the star power of what excites and motivates you.


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The influences of diverse cultures and architecture from around the world are expressed in our use of textiles, art and bespoke furnishings. We embrace and elevate your vision to provide you with a luxury experience that is the perfect blend of modern and classical design embolden with a touch of glam.

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We love color. Through different layers of color, we create the right amount of warmth and depth that makes your rooms come to life producing a more soulful space. We are the rule breakers that defend the traditional and modern principles of design giving you a fresh and polished feel.