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McLean will teach why the specific interior design of your home and office, contribute or detract from your success and fulfillment in your work and home life. Mclean provides powerful female CEO’s with the necessary tools needed to select and work with the best designer to meet their needs.

"Sheryl teaches you how to surround yourself with design elements that bring the best of you to life-- the finer things that make you smile—that evoke joy and renew your spirit, elements that are strong, and as uniquely beautiful as you are, that speak directly to your soul. "

"Why listen to Sheryl? Well, it’s not just that Sheryl is an UCLA-trained architect and international design expert or that for nearly thirty years she traveled the world with an eye on culture, architecture and design. It’s because Sheryl is the kind of woman who knows what’s in your closet and will never tell, who listens to your heart, without judgement. She helps you create a place that reflects who you are and where you are in life… a space that nurtures you so that you feel amazing. A space that can change your life."

"She will teach you how to use interior design to up-level your life and how to get there from here."